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Each Day on Wall Street, JUST 30 STOCKS Create 1/3 of All New Wealth


Enjoy 50-times the wealth building power by investing in just
the 30 top stocks, revealed in this report ...


Daily Profits

That’s $300 million in total daily profits. Straight into the pockets of investors like you and me.

Take a look at this picture ...

On the left, you see a dollar bill. On the right, two pennies.

What you’re seeing is the difference in daily profits between owning the top 30 stocks in the market, and everything else.

When you look at just the top 30 stocks on US stock exchanges, they’re averaging $10 million each in new wealth creation, every day.

That’s $300 million in total daily profits. Straight into the pockets of investors like you and me.

All the other stocks in the market — almost 4,000 other companies — average literally pennies on the dollar.

Do the math, and see for yourself. Invest in the top 30, and you’re tapping into more than 50-times the wealth-creating power.

Average daily profits

Invest in the rest, and you’re playing Russian roulette with your nest egg.

On the average day, half of them will actually go down. They’re big losers.

If you want to watch your nest egg grow — and not slip away — you must focus on these top 30 stocks.

This pennies-on-the-dollar illustration is based on research out of Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Covering 90 years of stock market data, all the way up to the biggest winners in our current bull market.

And it begs the question:

Which group of companies
would you rather be invested in today?

But how can you tell the difference? How can you ditch the dogs and load up on the 30 stocks spinning off all this new wealth?

Good news. I’ve identified a reliable strategy for picking the 30 stocks set to deliver $300 million in profits today, tomorrow, and every day.

In fact, in recent years this strategy has helped me identify big winners like Amazon, Starbucks, and NVIDIA, among others. And pull out some nice profits, as share prices of these top companies have shot higher by 248%, 420%, 1,404%... Even as high as a mind-blowing 15,131%.

Dominos Pizza (DPZ)

Imagine, if you could have hit that 1,404% gain — and it’s not the biggest by a long shot. It would have turned every $1,000 invested into more than $15,000. You’d be sitting on over $75,000 today if you put down an initial stake of just $5,000.

And today, my research shows there are more stocks in the top 30, set to deliver profits like these.

So let me ask you…

Would you like your share of these windfall profits?

wealth-creating stocks

This is what’s possible by simply buying and holding the public shares of the top 30 wealth-creating stocks in the market.

I hope so, because by the time you’re done reading this report , I’ll show exactly how to start enjoying your share of this $300 million daily windfall.

You’ll discover the method for identifying these stocks.

Plus, I’ll send you a list of the specific stocks in the top 30 that you need to buy today. You get the list free, so you can experience the wealth-building power for yourself. Simply read to the end of this report for full details.

And let me make this one important point up front. You might see these gains and think they’re coming from trading tricks, risky options, or some other method of gaming the market.

No way.

Everything you’ve seen up until this point — and everything I’m about to show you — is what’s possible by simply buying and holding the public shares of the top 30 wealth-creating stocks in the market.

If you’ve ever bought a share of stock in your life, you already know how to do this. And you can do it inside any retirement or brokerage account where you can buy and hold normal stocks.

Once you realize how much wealth is generated — and how easily — by focusing on the right stocks, one thing becomes clear:

Investing in these top 30 stocks today
is the best way to build your wealth, fast.

As I said, my name is Jon Markman.

Jon Markman

And if you’re wondering why you haven’t gotten this list of the top 30 stocks from your broker or investment advisor, you can let them off the hook. They simply don’t have it.

I wouldn’t either. Not without the journey I’ve taken over the last 30 years. To learn how to methodically, strategically uncover stocks like these.

Along the way, I worked under Bill Gates at Microsoft. I helped build MSN Money and the world’s first online stock screener. I interviewed many of Wall Street’s most successful investors, to uncover their methods for picking winners. And I’ve helped independent investors profit, with models designed to identify the biggest opportunities in every market.

And yet…

Three decades’ experience has helped me connect the dots…

Of course, you can look in the rear view mirror, as the researchers at Arizona State did, and see that 30 stocks have generated one-third of all stock market wealth in the past. But we investors need to know what to buy today.

Stock market wealth creation

That’s where my work comes in. I’ve developed a model — for deeply personal reasons — for picking the 30 that should be in your portfolio right now. And although I’ve been using it to grow my family’s wealth for years, this is the first time ever I’m sharing it with the world.

Before we go any further though, I want to turn the tables. Because if I’m in your shoes, I’m feeling pretty skeptical right now. I’m thinking, “Really? $300 million every day, from just 30 stocks?”

Here’s the proof…

These details come from a research team at Arizona State University — and were featured by Bloomberg:

That’s 90 years of bull and bear markets. Day in, and day out. With just 30 stocks averaging $300 million in new wealth creation, daily.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re “doing all the right things” in investing but still not getting ahead, here’s why…

The way I see it, if you’re not weighting your portfolio toward the best 30 stocks in the market, you’re automatically putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

The only way to beat the market with
relentless consistency is with these 30 stocks
generating $300 million in daily profits…

Before I share the criteria for picking these stocks, a quick warning.

These are the companies that will generate $300 million in new wealth today, tomorrow, every day.

Yesterday’s winners may not keep up tomorrow. Take Kodak, for example — a hugely-successful American business icon. Once upon a time, they were a great company — but not anymore. They went bankrupt when times changed faster than they did.

You can’t just look at stock charts or yesterday’s profits. The trick is figuring out which stocks make up the top 30, right now. The companies that will generate $300 million in new wealth today, tomorrow, every day.

I’ll make it easy on you. I’ll share the top 30 with you today…

I call them The Power Elite.

Over the last few years, The Power Elite companies have quietly been helping investors double their money, triple it, even grow it fifteen times over. With a few superstars going on runs of as much as 4,749% and even 15,131%.

You’re about to see the case studies.

You’ll see well-run companies with big competitive advantages in their markets. Companies that succeed through thick and thin. These are the stocks that will generate massive shareholder wealth in the coming months and years.

Example: My favorite pizza chain investment.

This is how to turn every $5,000
invested into as much as $75,216…

If you think there’s no more profits to be had in pizza delivery, this chart of Domino’s Pizza’s recent share price gains should make you think again.

Dominos Pizza (DPZ)

If you’d put $1,000 into Domino’s Pizza when it hit the Power Elite buy trigger, you’d have $15,043 and counting. Every $5,000 invested would be worth more than $75,000.

I know this isn’t some secret, hidden stock. Many homes in America have a Domino’s within a 10-minute drive. That’s how they keep their delivery promises.

If you had bought this Power Elite company, you would have made 15-times your money.

And it gets even better. I’ve identified a simple method for taking home even bigger gains from these companies.

This strategy could help you make as much as 15-times the profit from buying and selling the exact same stocks.

Just wait until you see what this strategy could have done with — it could have made the difference between turning $5,000 into either $50,000… or $750,000.

But first, let me address that one important question…

Who is Jon Markman — and why should you care what I say about stocks?

Now that I’ve introduced The Power Elite, I’ll give you a more complete introduction.

You may have recently seen my articles on investing and technology in Forbes Magazine, on Yahoo Finance, and at Weiss Ratings. My work has been featured by CNBC, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and in other major financial media.

If you go back a bit further, you may recognize me as the founding editor of MSN Money at Microsoft. While there, I helped create the world’s first online stock rating system, called StockScouter.

Online Investing and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

I also “wrote the book” on Online Investing, way back in 1999.

And recently, I published the annotated edition of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator — with a foreword from hedge fund titan Paul Tudor Jones. This book is considered by many Wall Street billionaires to be their handbook to successful investing, trading, and speculating. When a trader starts work at Tudor’s $10 billion firm, he gives them a copy of my book.

Much of my work in the last few years has been geared toward active traders. Special alert services costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year, to score big profits off little moves in the markets.

But behind the scenes, I’ve perfected the Power Elite model for a different kind of investor…

My back tested model allowed me to pinpoint gains as high as 15,000% — but NOT for “active traders…”

One of the things that distinguishes the Power Elite approach is that it’s specifically NOT designed for day trading. In fact, quite the opposite.

It’s an investment approach designed for longer-term, hands-off investors.

Buy and hold and get on with your life

The Power Elite approach lets you buy and hold and get on with your life.

You’ll find that Power Elite is a perfect fit for you.

You see, I wasn’t always known as this big-shot stock analyst who helps investors take home triple-digit gains. In fact…

My reasons for finding big profits
in safe stocks are deeply personal…

The Power Elite story actually started 30 years ago, in the LA Times newsroom.

My boss was visibly shocked.

“You want to create a stock strategies column for the LA Times?” he asked.

I already wrote for the business section. I figured it wasn’t a far departure. But this was the late 1980s, and no mainstream newspaper had an investing strategy column.

If you were an investor, you read The Wall Street Journal or Investor’s Business Daily. Or a handful of newsletters. It’s just what you did.

What I was asking my boss was unprecedented. But I had my reasons.

My Dad had just passed away — in his early 60s, from a vicious cancer. He was a successful businessman. He’d left Mom with a nice nest egg, but she didn’t know how to manage it. Much less, how to grow it.

And frankly, she was scared to touch the market.

This was shortly after Black Monday — we’d just watched the Dow take a 22% nose-dive.

I knew there were huge pitfalls for investors like Mom. Brokers that were either too greedy or too clueless to give any real help.

Even seasoned investors were scared after that…

With Dad gone, I didn’t want Mom to have to worry about money…

So I offered to help her out — no matter what it would take to succeed.

I knew there were huge pitfalls for investors like Mom. Brokers that were either too greedy or too clueless to give any real help. Double-dealing stock pitchmen. Junk companies with junk stocks. Investments designed to separate kind-hearted folks like my Mom from her money. Plus, the constant threat of the next big market crash.

But at the same time, I saw opportunity. I knew with the right investments, I could help Mom live well, travel, spoil the grandkids, and anything else she wanted to do. Without ever having to worry about finances.

I just had to figure out what those good investments were.

And I knew I had one big advantage…

I had my LA Times press credentials and a hare-brained idea to use them…

My idea was to interview the world’s best investors — find out how they made money in the markets — and then use their secrets for myself.

Maybe I was crazy — maybe just naïve.

But if I could get the interviews, I was confident I could learn their methods and models…

I was determined to discover what a little guy investor like me — or more importantly, my Mom — could do to come out ahead, maybe even get rich in the markets…

Long story short — it worked. Mom lived well, and never wanted for money during her 20 years after Dad was gone…

And for me, it unlocked a hidden talent. It started my three-decades-and-counting career developing investing models to help families like mine get ahead.

And yet, for the last few years, the Power Elite strategy was my family’s best-kept secret.

Until one day I was looking at my family’s portfolio, and realized that there’s absolutely no reason I should keep this winning strategy to myself.

That was my moment of clarity. I decided it was finally time to help other families like mine — and yours. So you, too, can grab your share of the $300 million in daily profits being churned out by The Power Elite

Now for the first time ever, YOU can have access
to tomorrow’s top 30 stocks…

In just a moment, I’ll share my list of today’s top Power Elite stocks. Plus I’ll show you how to follow The Power Elite for the next 12 months at zero risk or obligation.

First, let me share a little more about the criteria I use to identify Power Elite stocks.

Here’s what you need to understand…

Once I realized the power of investing in only the market’s biggest wealth-generators, I built an investing model to find them. So I could scour through the thousands of stocks that generate pennies on the dollar. And focus on only the top 30 stocks that meet the Power Elite criteria.

I want you to be in stocks that are perfectly positioned to hand you a part of that $300 million in new wealth generated every day.

And — importantly — to keep it a “living” list of the top 30 stocks. Because nobody wants to be stuck in yesterday’s winners. I want you to be in stocks that are perfectly positioned to hand you a part of that $300 million in new wealth generated every day.

Bottom line, we’re looking for the best buys among the world’s best-run businesses:

Stocks so safe I’d invest Mom’s life savings in them — but with the profit potential to make your money double or triple, or even grow five- to fifteen-times over (or more).

Here are some more examples…

This giant of financial services
turned every $5,000 into $17,262…

Most Americans didn’t know the name Equifax until the company hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. And yet, they’re a longstanding giant in the financial services industry. One of the big three credit reporting agencies.

In 2016, Equifax did over $3.1 billion in revenue. They netted about 15.5% — just shy of half a billion. They’re a company with a long history of churning out cash.

I’m glad to be on the sidelines right now. And yet… my research shows that during the last run in my Power Elite model portfolio, Equifax delivered a 245% gain. Here’s the chart …

Equifax (EFX)

If you’re looking for exciting stories about breakthrough biotech cancer treatments or Silicon Valley’s latest media darling, you’ll never find a company like Equifax in the boring credit reports industry.

But the Power Elite portfolio isn’t about finding the best stories. It’s about finding companies like Equifax that you can use to grab your share of those $300 million in daily profits.

Here’s another example…

$5,000 “fermented” with this company
grew into $26,007…

Let me name a few brands you might recognize if you ever enjoy a so-called “adult beverage”: Robert Mondavi, Arbor Mist, Corona, Modelo, Black Velvet, Svedka, Paul Masson.

Any one of these brands might seem like a success on their own, but together they make up a small portion of the brand portfolio of Constellation Brands.

Constellation specializes in wine, beer, and spirits.  They are the biggest beer importer in the United States.  They have the third-largest market share in the U.S. beer market.  And they are the largest wine producer in the world.

Add that all up, and you have a $6.5 billion company that churned out over $1.5 billion in profits last year.

And my model portfolio shows that after their stock hit the Power Elite buy trigger, the share price went on a 420% run…

Constellation Brands (STZ)

Not bad for a business specializing in fermenting sugar. If you’d invested in Constellation during this time, you could have turned every $1,000 into more than $5,000, and every $5,000 into more than $26,000.

And here’s another winner from the Power Elite model portfolio…

This defense contractor could have multiplied
your money five-times over…

TransDigm is definitely not a household name. Nor are any of their products or brands. But in the defense and aerospace industry, they’re a go-to supplier.

As a result, they’ve completely dominated their industry. They consistently grow earnings and sales — and last year spun off over half a billion dollars in profits from more than $3.1 billion in sales.

And since giving off a Power Elite buy signal, an investment in their stock would have multiplied your money more than five-times over…

TransDigm Group (TDG)

That’s enough to turn $1,000 invested into $5,500, or every $5,000 into $27,500.

Household name or complete unknown — it doesn’t matter when you’re looking for a Power Elite stock. All I care about is finding those 30 stocks that will let us in on that $300 million in new wealth available to investors today.

The profits just keep rolling in…

The Power Elite strategy is designed so you can take your share of these profits — and to make this a regular occurrence.

Nonetheless, every time we get one of these winners, we celebrate. Because we know a few wins like these can rewrite your financial destiny.

Heck, it’s because of wins like these that my kids enjoyed a full-ride scholarship to the college of their choice, courtesy of my mom.

Next, I’d like to show you some “exceptional” gains of up to 15,131% that will get you even more excited about The Power Elite

As you know, I’ve personally been investing in The Power Elite for years, even though I’m just now letting other investors in on this approach.

While you’ve seen that The Power Elite stocks can consistently deliver gains of 248%, 420%, even as high as 1,404% — you’ll also occasionally catch fire with these stocks.

What do I mean? Well, when you’re focused on only investing in the best 30 companies in the market, it only stands to reason that a few will always be head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Here are a couple of superstars from the model Power Elite portfolio:

These companies may have earned a lot of press lately. But they’ve been on my radar for over a decade and were collecting our share of those $300 million in daily profits long before the market made them a big deal.

Take NVIDIA. $5,000 put into NVIDIA could have turned into as much as $242,462. If you had known about them 15 years ago, when they came on my radar, you could have made a fortune.

Here’s another stock I know a lot of investors wish they’d paid more attention to over the last couple decades…

A $10,000 investment in Amazon, shortly after the dot-com crash, would have made you a millionaire today…

Amazon is a powerful example of getting your timing right. How the Power Elite “Buy” and “Sell” signals help you make more money from the same top 30 stocks.

Tale of Two Amazon Profits

If you’d bought Amazon at the beginning of the year 2000, it would have turned a $10,000 stake into a little over $100,000. Certainly not chump change by any stretch of the imagination.

But if you had bought Amazon just two years later — based on my Power Elite signal — you’d be sitting on over $1.5 million. That’s a whole lot more than $100,000.

That’s 150-times your money, instead of 10-times.

No matter when you bought the stock, you were getting into a great business. But by buying at the right time you would have made fifteen-times the already-extraordinary profits.

And this is using a longer-term approach to buy-and-hold investing. This is the kind of opportunity we’re looking for in Power Elite stocks.

Three more quick examples,
then I want to give you today’s list

It’s important to note that any one of the examples I’ve given you might not show up in a list of stocks to buy today. Yesterday’s winners won’t always be tomorrow’s. And timing, as I just showed you with Amazon, is also critical.

Granted, not every pick we make can be winners, and like any trading strategy, losses are entirely possible. We should also point out that catching the entire move in any one of these stocks can be difficult. But that’s okay because even if we can catch a small fraction of their potential, your profits can be enormous.

That’s why I’ve laid out all these examples … to share the overwhelming evidence for the power of focusing on just the top 30 stocks.

TJX Companies (TJX)

Take the TJX Companies for example. Most of the brick-and-mortar retail world has struggled to keep up with the rise of Amazon and other online shopping. Not TJX, whose stores include TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods, among others. They dominate the “off-price” niche. Last year, they generated nearly $2.3 billion in profits on $33 billion in sales.

During a recent run in the Power Elite portfolio, TJX would have turned every $5,000 invested into more than $17,400 — with a 248% gain…

Then there’s Atmos Energy. A utility. Not a very exciting business, by most people’s standards. But they’re the country’s largest natural-gas-only distributor. And, a really well-run business. It’s the kind of steady performer that will just keep growing your nest egg.

I don’t invest in a lot of utilities, but when I do, I like stocks like Atmos, that will just keep doubling your money.

Atmos Energy corp (ATO)

And then there’s Starbucks. As a Seattle resident, I’ve drank Starbucks coffee for years. I even occasionally make my way down to Pike’s Market, the home of the original Starbucks store. As an investor, I’ve watched their growth with awe, recognizing they’re an extremely well-run business in a growth industry they defined.

This has translated into massive share-price growth. One recent run in the Power Elite portfolio would have delivered 238% gains between “Buy” and “Sell” signals.  That’s enough to turn every $5,000 into $16,891…

Starbucks Corp (SBUX)
Starbucks Corp (SBUX)

Then Starbucks came back on my radar, and proceeded to more than double again. If you simply reinvested your gains from the first win, you could be sitting on over $30,000 from a $5,000 investment.

So now that you’ve seen a handful of recent gains, I’m sure you’re wondering where the next big Power Elite gains will come from.

Here’s how to collect your share of the $300 million windfall profits available to you today

Confidential list.

Now that you’ve seen a handful of recent gains, I’m sure you’re wondering where the next big Power Elite gains will come from. Now you can have the list.

I want you to focus on only the best-of-the-best investments among the market’s top 30 stocks. Even though I can run my screen today and give you a list of 30, not all of them are a “Buy” today.

As an investor, you really only want to be buying that third group of shares. Even the best companies can deliver lower returns if bought at the wrong price. But the best companies bought at the right price can change your life.

Let me send you your free list of Power Elite stocks
to buy today, at zero risk or obligation…

Profit from the Power Elite

I want to make it as easy as possible to get started investing in The Power Elite. And so I’d like to send you a copy of my getting started guide, called “Profit from the Power Elite,” valued at $79.

The first thing you’ll want to see in this guide is the list of eight stocks I’ve singled out today as either immediate buys, or likely upcoming buys.

These eight stocks will give you a quick start on profiting from the Power Elite portfolio. They’re the best deals on the best stocks in the market, right now.

Also in this Getting Started guide, you’ll get a list of popular stocks that are 180-degrees apart from the Power Elite approach. These stocks are set to deliver devastating losses the next time the market turns down.

Sometimes it’s hard for independent investors to know the difference. Even a bad stock can have good days, months, or years. But they’ll quickly turn into a sucker stock when the market hits a headwind. And so, as a bit of a public service, I’m including this list.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what’s in this guide. I’ll leave some of the other gems for you to discover on your own, when you get your free copy.

I’d like to give you immediate download access.

All that I ask is that you say “maybe” to my new monthly investor-focused research service, The Power Elite.

My brand-new service from Weiss Group
is the ONLY place to stay up to date
on the market’s top 30 stocks…

When you agree to try out The Power Elite for the next 12 months, I’ll be there with you as you build and manage your new Power Elite portfolio.

You’ll get ongoing monthly coverage as stocks come in and out of the Power Elite portfolio. Regular updates. The “Buy” and “Sell” alerts to help you maximize profits. Specific instructions for which stocks to invest in, and when.

You’ll receive The Power Elite by digital delivery, by email and through the Weiss website. This gives you immediate access, and the convenience of reading in whatever format works best for you.

Plus, you’ll get regular updates and insights into The Power Elite. Why the stocks you’re buying meet the model’s strict criteria — and why others don’t. Plus regular market insight to help you understand how these elite companies react to bigger market moves.

And yet for all we’re giving you, it will still only take you a few minutes per month to make any necessary portfolio updates. The instructions will be clear and easy.

This is the first time ever I’m sharing this research with the public, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to profit.

You start your portfolio by buying those eight stocks in the getting started guide.

The Power Elite monthly issues

You maximize your profits by following the monthly updates.

Because The Power Elite is a brand new service, I’m motivated to get it into the hands of as many investors as possible. And so even though the retail price will be $228 per year, you’ll only pay a fraction of that when you respond today.

If you agree to try The Power Elite today, you’ll be locking in a full year for just $29…

Because even when you put down your $29 today, we don’t consider it a full “Yes.” We consider it a “Maybe.” It’s up to me to honor every promise I’ve made today and prove to you over the entire 12 months of your subscription that The Power Elite is everything you’ve heard and seen today.

And you’ll have until the very last day of your first year’s subscription — 12 months from today — to decide that you’ve made the right decision.

If it doesn’t work out, we’ll give you a prompt and courteous full refund of your entire membership fee.

You’re under zero risk or obligation in trying The Power Elite for the next 12 months and accepting your free getting started guide today.

Now let me sweeten the deal…

When you agree to try The Power Elite today, I’m going to send you one more report. Because my research suggests that one off-the-radar company in particular represents one of the biggest opportunities in The Power Elite portfolio.

Windfall Profits from the Second Gilded Age

In fact, if you only buy ONE stock out of the Power Elite, this should be it.

This is another stock set to explode higher on the same trends that drove Amazon’s success and 15,000% gains in recent years:

And it’s not Alibaba, or one of the Silicon Valley darlings in the online media or ecommerce space. This company is applying new technology to transform a global industry. They are carving out their spot as a leader in the industry, as it grows to $15.5 trillion within the next decade.

Even though most investors have no clue how ubiquitous this company’s tech is becoming. Or how much wealth they’re already generating for shareholders.

It’s all part of a new era I’m calling “the Second Gilded Age.” New tech is changing the world. The vast majority of today’s $300 million daily stock market profits are now going to shareholders in the companies on the front of this trend.

I reveal all — including the specific company— in Windfall Profits in the Second Gilded Age. This report, also valued at $79, is yours with my compliments and at zero risk or obligation, when you agree to try The Power Elite today. Go here now to get started.

Here’s what you’ll get, starting minutes from now…

Just to recap, The Power Elite is the world’s first and only service that gives you access to these 30 best stocks. It’s the only service that lets you tap my last 30 years’ experience uncovering these winners.

It’s the first and only service dedicated exclusively to helping you enjoy your share of $300 million in daily new wealth, simply by investing in Power Elite companies. To grab dollars, when investors in all other stocks are picking up pennies.

As a founding member of The Power Elite...

With this exclusive deal as part of the launch of The Power Elite, you’re paying just $2.41 per month — just eight pennies per day — for guaranteed profits in the world’s best companies. Click here now to start your risk-free trial.

This transformed my family’s financial destiny
— now let it transform yours…

You’ve seen for yourself how investing in the top 30 companies is all it takes to collect your share of $300 million in profits today, tomorrow, and every day…

How each of these top 30 companies — on average — generates enough daily stock market profit to make ten new millionaires per day…

You’ve seen how they’re churning out new wealth 50-times as fast as all the other stocks, generating a dollar in profits for every two pennies everybody else is getting…

How investing in these stocks could bring you gains from 248% to 1,404%, even as much as 15,131%.

Now, it’s time for you to make a decision.

You have two choices you can look back on, a year from now.

I’ve made the decision as easy as possible.  But you have to take the next step.

I look forward to having you join us as a founding member of The Power Elite.

Power Elite new member welcome package

Get instant access to your free
reports and benefits

Or call customer service at 877-934-7778
(Overseas, call 1-561-627-3300)


Jon D. Markman
Senior Analyst
Weiss Group, LLC

P.S. Click the link below to lock in your discount and claim your New Member Welcome Package. You’ll get your free copy of “Profit from the Power Elite,” including the list of your first eight Power Elite stocks to add to your portfolio. Plus the rest of the welcome package.

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