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Forbes tech guru … Microsoft patent holder … and
former hedge-fund portfolio manager reveals radical
breakthrough for getting rich from 5G and beyond…

Jon Markman’s Urgent
5G Profit Briefing

Never Before Revealed: How to earn up to
$2.19 million from the coming 5G profit
boom … using this money-making secret
discovered inside a $1 trillion tech firm

(Warning: Timely stock opportunity inside …)

Jon Markman, Editor, Tech Trend Trader

I have seen some big money-making opportunities over the years, but none like the one I’ll share with you today. It could be worth TRILLIONS of dollars to early investors.

Not only will this opportunity impact stocks, it will radically reshape our daily lives. And in the process, it will unleash a host of new tech revolutions.

I’m talking about 5G, fifth-generation wireless technology. It’s much more than an incremental improvement to today’s 4G connections. 5G will increase connection speeds 100-fold … 500-fold … even 1,000-fold.

And it’s not just about speed. 5G virtually eliminates all delays in the Internet. That means it can manage the world in ways that were never possible before.

It can control millions of driverless cars in real time.

It can allow surgeons to perform delicate surgery on patients thousands of miles away.

It can even run entire factories flawlessly without human intervention.

The big pay-off: According to the widely respected research think tank, IHS Markit, 5G will create a 12.3 TRILLION dollar windfall for investors. That’s bigger than the economies of Japan, the UK and Russia put together.

And today, I’m going to reveal how you can claim your share of this coming torrent of profits … not once, not twice … but countless times! By the time we’re done here today …

You’ll know why 5G will be more than just another tech trend … why it will transform the world, and transform our lives in the process …

You’ll discover the system I’ve created to start booking 5G gains right now … and years into the future — the same system that has delivered countless triple-, quadruple- and even quintuple-digit gains in recent years.

And I’ll name the highly unusual stock my system just flagged. It could dominate the trillion-dollar 5G landscape starting very soon. And it could provide 10-fold gains as 5G takes hold.

But first, let me tell you about the system I used to find this opportunity … and how it can help you find countless more, starting right now.

I Call My System “DISRUPT Investing.”

My historical data proves to me that it’s the single best way to ride powerful tech megatrends like 5G. But I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves and let you decide:

Imagine booking a steady stream of double-digit wins powerful enough to turn $40,000 into $2,198,653 …

Or pocketing 421% on stocks like Proto Labs … 551% on SS&C Technologies or 801% on Proofpoint …

Or how about booking extraordinary long-term gains like 2,193% on F5 Networks … nearly 3,974% on Core Labs … or almost 3,100% on a company called Balchem?

That’s before 5G. Now, imagine doing even better as the 5G revolution unfolds!

That’s the predictive power of DISRUPT.  And you will not discover this new money-making system anywhere else.

Let me tell you this all started and how it can help you make a fortune in 5G and beyond.

I began work on my system, DISRUPT, inside the most powerful — and secretive — tech firm on earth. This company spends more than 14 billion dollars per year on R&D alone. It’s valued at more than 1 trillion dollars.

It has minted three billionaires … and over 12,000 millionaires, including yours truly.

And I doubt they would be thrilled with what I’m about to reveal. But I believe that every American should have the right to profit from a breakthrough that’s this powerful.

It’s a money-making system designed to solve a huge problem in investing, and that is: knowing where each tech stock is likely going next.

I’ve never revealed this secret before … Not during my frequent appearances on CNBC. Not in the tech-investing column I write for Forbes … Or the work I’ve done with The Not in interviews I’ve done with Barron’s, Yahoo! Finance … and many others.

But over the next few minutes, you’ll discover the secret of my system in full. I’ll even reveal a brand-new opportunity it just uncovered … Including the action to take, and the ticker symbol. That way, you could get started making money today.

So what’s the secret behind my DISRUPT investing system and how can it make you a lot of money? Here’s the key: DISRUPT forecasts the market using the same computer technology that the U.S. military uses to forecast the WEATHER!

Think about it like this: You look outside and see a storm brewing. But you can’t tell whether the storm will continue into tomorrow and beyond. It could be an isolated event, gone in an hour. Or it could be the beginning of a two-week monsoon.

Likewise, you might see a stock soaring today. But you can’t tell whether that’s part of a long-term trend … or a one-day event.

But what if you could pull up the forecast for that stock on your computer … just like pulling up the weather report for your city? You could see right away if the stock rise is temporary or sustainable and where the stock is headed next! That could allow you to do two things: 1) buy on the cheap and 2) ride the stock to huge long-term gains.

And that’s what DISRUPT does for us … for the first time … and with unprecedented accuracy.

If You Can Read Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast, You Can Track Where Stocks Are Likely Headed.

What’s more, you could make money from that information systematically … again and again. How much money? There are no guarantees in the markets, of course. But let me show you just one extraordinary example.

DISRUPT Generates 1,447% on Perrigo

Our first case study involves a pharma-tech company called Perrigo. The stock was trading around $15.

And it had just suffered a pullback. To most folks, it looked like Perrigo was headed for stormy weather.

Reading the DISRUPT forecast would have shown you the truth: The pullback was an isolated “rain shower” … like a passing storm front. The next week and beyond, the stock would be headed for some VERY sunny days. Sure enough, take a look at what happened:

Perrigo skyrocketed 1,447%. Not bad, right?

What’s so powerful about this is that my DISRUPT system allows us to read the weather forecast for ANY stock. And that means not just going for one outsize gain here or there … but consistent gains over time.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to access DISRUPT via a secure website. Once on the site, you’ll be able to download DISRUPT’s latest recommendations right away … for the first time.

The list includes a potential 10-bagger play on 5G that I’ll reveal in just a moment.

But you may ask, “why not keep something this powerful to myself?”

Simple. I’m on a mission. You see, I’ve headed research departments … founded multimillion-dollar enterprises … including a high-performance quantitative hedge fund. I’ve written several investment best-sellers, such as …

Fast Forward Investing: How to Profit from A.I., Driverless Vehicles, Gene Editing, Robotics, and Other Technologies Reshaping Our Lives.

And I’ve done all this with one goal in mind:


To Help Regular Americans Make
a Killing from the Stock Market, by
Arming Them With Cutting-Edge
Forecasting Technology.

That mission guided the creation of my DISRUPT system, and it all started at the one-trillion-dollar company I told you about.

That company was MICROSOFT, under the leadership of Bill Gates.

You see, they recruited me to develop a whole new way to make money from stocks.

Our idea: Combine the latest in mathematics, behavioral economics and big data streams to create a new super-tool that folks could use online to pick stocks.

We began in complete secrecy, in the bowels of Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. After spending a small fortune on research and countless 80-hour workweeks with a crack team of investment scientists …

We finally achieved a breakthrough: The world’s first computer-driven, Web-based stock-picking model developed by a major tech company.

This achievement earned me the first of two patents I received during my tenure at Microsoft.

Stock-Picking System Unlike
Any the World Had Ever Seen

Here it is: U.S. Patent #7,219,077: System and Method for Creating Model Investment Portfolios.

Click to View Larger

For the first time, everyday investors could now use our new Microsoft technology to screen and pick stocks online. We called that system “Stock Scouter.”

I was elated with our initial success, of course. But I also realized something remarkable: With a few enhancements, it would be possible to turn this stock-picking technology into a virtual “money machine.”

You could then use the system to repeatedly pinpoint stocks poised to rise. Not just giving you double- or triple-digit gains … But also helping you book 10-bagger gains … and more!

2,193% Gain on F5 Networks:
Enough to Turn $5,000 into $114,650

For example, using this early version of DISRUPT, you could have identified a networking play called F5 Networks. I bet most folks STILL haven’t heard of it.

But with DISRUPT, you could have identified a distinct pattern that showed F5 was an online technology pioneer in the early stages of a LONG-TERM fundamental uptrend, and … the stock had temporarily pulled back, creating an ideal entry point for new buyers.

Had you acted on these findings; you could have ridden the stock to an incredible 2,193% windfall.

You could have turned a $5,000 grubstake into $114,650. And if you invested just $15,000 in this position. you’d be sitting on a remarkable $343,950 today!

Enough to buy you or your spouse a 2019 Ferrari 488 …

One Trade … One Ferrari

AND pay for a month of world-class dining and lodging at America’s finest resorts! All thanks to our DISRUPT 1.0 system.

3,098% Gain on Balchem:
Turns $5,000 into $159,900

Plus, you could have used this same model to identify a little-known company called Balchem. Balchem was riding a global trend in food technology. It was creating new tech to SAFELY preserve foods, while also making them taste better! And thanks to our DISRUPT system, with this stock, you could have booked gains of 3,098%. That turns $5,000 into $159,900.

Model Generates 3,974% Gain on Core Labs

My team and I continued to refine our model, adding more predictive power. For example, you could have also used DISRUPT to pinpoint a company called Core Labs. And you could have bought at the ideal time, riding Core Labs to an eye-popping 3,974% windfall.

You could have turned $5,000 into $203,700.

But wait. It gets better.

4,185% Gain on Cognizant:
Turns $5,000 into $214,250

Next, our model pinpointed a company by the name of Cognizant. It was just as its stock began an historic rocket ride of 4,185%.

With this one stock, you could have turned $5,000 into $214,250 … minus taxes and commissions of course.

17,204% Gain on Cerner:
Turns $5,000 into $860,200

If you think that’s good, consider our next example. This time DISRUPT identified for immediate purchase a company called Cerner. Check out what this stock did after it was flagged by our system: It rose a whopping 17,204%.

Incredible, right? This single 17,204% windfall could have turned $5,000 invested into $865,200. That alone could have literally secured your retirement for life.

But keep one thing in mind: This was just the prototype version of DISRUPT! Let’s call it DISRUPT 1.0.

Sure, extraordinary windfalls are great. But I don’t count just on windfalls, and I don’t think you should either. I wanted the system to kick out a steady stream of winners … week after week, month after month.

I wanted to turn DISRUPT into a virtual money-making machine … one capable of producing predictable gains not only in the long term, but also in the short term.

So I left Microsoft and set out to develop the next iteration of the system, which I call DISRUPT 2.0. That’s when I added the technology based on weather forecasting.

I’m sure you’ve seen the weather on TV where they show storm tracking, that looks something like this:

You can clearly see exactly where the storm is headed. You could even see where it will likely be 12 hours from now … 24 hours from now … even DAYS from now!

Well, as we were developing our DISRUPT system, we realized that the weather and the markets have a lot in common. With weather, sunny patches and storms appear to arise out of nowhere, almost randomly… just like market moves.

Clearly, meteorologists had developed the technology to track weather patterns down to the hour.

The question: Could I add that same technology to my system and supercharge its predictive abilities?

M.I.T. New Math Breakthrough:
Where Stocks Are Headed Next

My research quickly led to a man named Edward Lorenz. Lorenz was an M.I.T scientist and meteorologist. And he pioneered the use of computers to predict the weather.

In 1961, he ran a series of equations through a computer, hoping to create super-accurate weather predictions.

M.I.T. scientist Edward Lorenz explains how non-linear chaos math can be used to predict weather patterns.

His models indicated something remarkable: Weather was far too complex to be measured using regular — linear — math.

So what did Lorenz do? He began developing a NEW kind of math, tailor-made to measure complex systems, like weather … or … the market.

He called it “non-linear chaos math.” And it proved so powerful, the U.S. Navy has adopted it for predicting the path of dangerous storms at sea!

I’m not going to give you a lesson in chaos math right now. But I will say it sparked a revolution in forecasting sciences. And there is an easy way to visualize the power of Lorenz’s discovery …

“The Market” to Traditional Analysts:

When Wall Street analysts talk about “THE market,” what do they refer to? Most times, they will reference an index like the S&P 500. And they’ll point to a linear chart of the S&P, like this:

If you zoomed in, you’d see a series of points … connected by lines. However, suppose you charted that same market using Lorenz’s “non-linear” math. THEN, you wouldn’t see a single line, or individual points. Instead, you’d see something like this:

Pretty complex, right? But it reflects the TRUE nature of the market … and how it moves in REAL, flowing time. Lorenz used his new math to revolutionize weather forecasting.

It now powers the weather-tracking systems at the U.S. Navy … The Army Corps of Engineers … The Air Force Weather Agency … The Pentagon … and NOAA.

And it also helps power my DISRUPT system … with amazing results.

You see the market — like the weather — doesn’t move in a straight line. And it’s influenced by countless forces operating 24/7 — some seen, some unseen. The results of this discovery have been nothing short of astonishing.

Not only did the system continue to kick out 10-baggers, it also started filling in the gaps between those huge windfalls with a steady stream of double- and triple-digit winners along the way!

This breakthrough … has since changed my investing life … and could do the same for you.

I’m still talking about DISRUPT. And by the way, DISRUPT stands for …

Behind the scenes, DISRUPT 2.0 tracks mountains of data every hour, including:

Right now, DISRUPT is locking onto the next generation of disruptive tech opportunities. And they’re mostly coming from a small handful of tech trends, such as Artificial Intelligence … Digitization … and best of all, the $12.3 trillion coming boom in 5G wireless technology.

In a minute, I’ll show you the 5G opportunity that JUST hit DISRUPT’s radar screen.

I believe this one stock could provide our next triple- or quadruple-digit gain.

How can I be so confident?

Simple. Just take a look at the potential gains you could have ALREADY booked using DISRUPT …

Tuesday Recommendation:
DISRUPT Gives Us 801% Gains on Proofpoint

On a Tuesday not too long ago, DISRUPT 2.0 generated a “Buy” signal on Proofpoint, a leading-edge cybersecurity company.

My team and I confirmed the signal with our own intelligence gathering. That typically includes consulting with industry insiders, CEOs and scientists at institutions like M.I.T., where Lorenz worked.

DISRUPT gave us a high-confidence rating, based on several factors:

So we pulled the trigger on the recommendation. And the stock promptly skyrocketed 801%:

But DISRUPT 2.0 was just getting started.

Friday Recommendation:
DISRUPT Pinpoints 421% Win

Literally THREE DAYS later, the system began flashing “buy” on another stock most folks have never heard of.

The company: Proto Labs. Here’s what happened next …

Anyone who acted on our signal could have made a remarkable 421% gain. Not bad for one week’s picks.

Seven Days Later:
DISRUPT Signals 223% Gain

Then just seven days later, the system identified another brewing profit storm. This time, it was tracking a company called Stag Industrial.

Here’s what the stock did after DISRUPT recommended it:

In this case, we saw 223% gains. Now keep in mind: When you start stacking up these kinds of profits, one after another, the results can become truly life-altering.

And with the improvements we made based on Lorenz’s chaos math, the system began grinding out more winners more frequently.

Another Tuesday:
Another Triple-Digit Winner

In fact, a couple of Tuesday’s later, DISRUPT did it again! This time it locked onto a company called CoreSite, an operator of data centers. Result: A sweet 452% gain.

21 Days Later:
DISRUPT Flashes “Buy” on 441% Winner

Three weeks went by. And DISRUPT did it yet AGAIN … reading the financial weather and homing in on a company called WageWorks. The stock bolted higher, ultimately soaring 449%.

Again, all of these recommendations came within weeks of each other.

In a moment, I’ll show YOU how to access these kinds of opportunities using DISRUPT for the first time.

You don’t need any technical knowledge. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection … an active brokerage account … and about 5 minutes per week to execute the recommendations …

It’s that simple. And you’ve seen the results. But what is DISRUPT focusing on NOW? And how does the system perform in real time?

93% Win Rate on High-Flying Tech Stocks

As we speak, DISRUPT has begun churning out the next round of gains. Here’s a snapshot of the most recent portfolio:

Fourteen out of 15 positions are winners. That means we’re generating a ridiculous 93.3% win rate … on high-flying tech stocks.

THAT is the power of DISRUPT 2.0 in a nutshell. Suddenly, we could fill in between those 10-bagger gains with many smaller, shorter-term gains, too.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to go for profits from DISRUPT today. It starts with a brand-new opportunity that just hit the system’s radar screen: An off-the-radar way to ride the coming $12.3 trillion 5G wireless revolution …

But first, I want to show you one final, important enhancement I made to the DISRUPT system. You see, even with the success of DISRUPT 2.0 … I still wasn’t done.

Still MORE profits PLUS Solid
Protection in Down Markets

In addition to DISRUPT 1.0, created for Microsoft to I.D. potential 10- and 20-baggers in the long term …

In addition to DISRUPT 2.0, designed to generate regular double- or triple-digit gains in between …

I wanted to add two more components to the mix:

  1. A steady stream of even faster rat-a-tat gains …
  2. And the ability to keep making money, even in falling markets.

To accomplish these goals, we used the same breakthrough system I began developing at Microsoft …

The same system I perfected based on the work of M.I.T. scientist Edward Lorenz …

And in addition to picking out winning stocks, we laser-focused its power on a single index: the Nasdaq 100.

Why the Nasdaq 100? Because DISRUPT indicates that the tech sector will remain the most profitable over the next 5-7 years.

And using DISRUPT, we can model the entire Nasdaq 100 with unprecedented accuracy.

When the system points to a coming rally in the Nasdaq 100 ETF … it kicks out a buy signal. When it points to a coming pullback … we use an ETF designed to make money when the Nasdaq falls.

The ETF trades alone — even WITHOUT the huge windfalls I’ve told you about from individual stocks — have generated average yearly returns of 47.2% since 2011!

That’s nearly quadruple the performance of the S&P 500 Index in the same timeframe. Plus, if you had reinvested those gains at the beginning of each new year, you could have done even better …

You Could Have Turned Every
$40,000 Invested into $2,198,653

You could have turned every $40,000 invested into $2,198,653!

And I repeat: That’s ON TOP of all the gains DISRUPT could have helped you make with individual stocks.

The plain truth is, my DISRUPT 3.0 system could have anticipated every major move in the Nasdaq 100 since the year 2011.

Combined with the windfall gains we target on individual stocks, DISRUPT is designed to give you an all-weather money-making system …

A system designed to deliver steady gains through up and down markets … in the short, medium and long terms ...

A system you can ONLY access in one way …

How? It’s my service called Tech Trend Trader.

Powered by DISRUPT 3.0 technology, Tech Trend Trader continuously tracks the financial weather worldwide …

From Tokyo … to London … New York … and beyond …

The system focuses on one powerful, overarching megatrend: the rise of technology.

That’s not surprising, is it? We all know that technology has created every major advance in human history.

From the invention of the wheel to the cotton gin ...

From the printing press to the internet and the smart phone ...

From the steam engine to self-driving cars.

The history of technology is the history of mankind and the story of our lives.

Technology will determine how all seven billion of us work, communicate, meet, fall in love, raise families, play and create the next generation of technological marvels.

We also know that technology was what turned my former employer into a $1 trillion company … and its founder, Bill Gates, into the richest man in the world (until he started giving so much of it away, that is).

But DISRUPT doesn’t only look at the tech sector, it also …

  1. Looks at everything that CAUSES the sector to soar or pull back
  2. Analyzes every major market, economy and country.
  3. Identifies the most important financial trends forming within those markets.
  4. Pinpoints tech stocks and ETFs poised to ride those trends to massive gains … again and again.

Finally, it kicks out easy-to-execute “Buy” signals, week after week. I confirm each recommendation with my team. If it passes our standards, I send out a trade alert right away. I give you our analysis … and the recommendation … on a silver platter. All you do is check your email each day.

When the new recommendations arrive, decide if they’re right for you. If so, go ahead and execute the trades according to my instructions. And watch for the gains to start piling up, as you’ve seen in this presentation.

In truth, we both know that, if my strategy could help you turn $40,000 into nearly $2.2 million … with “boring” ETFs …

If it could help you rack up rare, extraordinary gains such as $5,000 into $114,650 … $5,000 into $214,250 … or even $5,000 into $865,200 — from individual stocks …

Or if you could do just HALF as well … it’ll give you the life you’ve always dreamed of.

And now, a new stock has JUST entered our “Buy Zone.”

Since you’ve stayed with me this far, let me share the name of this company with you right now.

DISRUPT Reveals the Single Best Stock to Ride
The Coming $12.3 TRILLION 5G Profit Wave

A while back, before anyone else was talking about it, DISRUPT identified a profit storm brewing in 5G wireless technology. And as I told you from the outset, 5G tech is about to revolutionize civilization.

CNET calls it “the biggest thing since electricity.”

Fortune says 5G is “sure to change the human experience.”

Forbes on 5G Wireless Technology: “you could get very rich.”

And they’re right. DISRUPT is tracking huge money flows into 5G right now.

Sprint and T-Mobile alone are set to invest $40 BILLION. Bill Gates will invest an estimated $5 billion. Other big investors quietly piling in include Paul Tudor Jones and D.E. Shaw.

So what’s got them so excited? Simple: 5G is about to make wi-fi connections impossibly fast, stable and secure. And that will lead to a whole new era of wireless-enabled technology.

According to a report by TechRepublic:

“5G may be the last G we ever see… Consumers should have the feeling that they always have all the capacity and speed they need, however much data they're using and wherever they are.”

Here’s one simple fact to consider: 4G wireless, the current standard, can transmit 32 million bytes — packets of information — per second. 5G can transmit 50 BILLION bytes, some 1,500 times faster.

5G users will experience zero delay in terms of signals beaming back and forth.

According CNET, this amazing fact, called “zero latency,” will enable countless disruptive technologies …

Such as telesurgery: A surgeon in London could operate on a patient in Washington, D.C. remotely. If his finger moved a millimeter in London, it would make the same movement — in real time — thousands of miles away.

Such as self-driving vehicles, mobile virtual reality, and the burgeoning Internet of Things.

As CNET writes:

“[5G] is expected to usher in innovative applications in self-driving cars, telemedicine and the trend in net-connected devices called the internet of things.”

So what’s the best way to take advantage of this coming $12 trillion profit explosion? You’ve probably heard about well-known 5G plays like:

Qualcomm, developing the 5G tech powering the latest smartphones …

Verizon, creating the 5G networks serving America’s largest smartphone customer base …

Xilinx, whose advanced radio chips will broadcast 5G signals over longer distances.

But only ONE company is flashing “buy” right now on DISRUPT’s weather screen.

Maybe you’ve heard of this stock, too. This stock may be flying under the radar for now. But soon, it will provide the entire backbone for a new 5G-powered transportation and e-commerce infrastructure … worldwide.

When you ride in an autonomous vehicle, you’ll likely do so using this company’s technology. When you pay for that ride (wirelessly of course), that transaction will flow through this company’s systems.

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle is used — self-driving passenger cars … self-driving trucks … self-driving monorails, buses or trains … self-driving delivery vehicles or drones. It doesn’t matter if the cargo is people … T-shirts … televisions or food …

Nearly all of that transportation — and commerce — will flow through one soon-to-be-massive company.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about Uber. If you’re surprised, don’t be. Like I said: DISRUPT has identified not only where the money’s flowing now …

It forecasts with mathematical precision where the money will flow TOMORROW! As our DISRUPT system confirms, anyone who thinks Uber is just a money-losing taxicab business is missing the big opportunity. And any investors who have sold Uber shares recently based on that narrow vision of the company has given investors a great buying opportunity.

Uber is a logistics platform that was born at the intersection of cloud computing and smartphones. Uber’s algorithms ingest location data from millions of smartphones, local traffic conditions and user’s ride history. So, the business will easily scale beyond taxicabs, to cargo, packages and food.

In other words, Uber runs a purely digital transportation business that’s fast and agile.

McKinsey and Co. says the total addressable market could scale up to $1.5 trillion by 2030. And now, as 5G comes online in 2019, 2020 and beyond, UBER is in a prime position to scale up right along with it. No wonder DISRUPT has flagged it!

As 5G comes online throughout 2019, 2020 and beyond, UBER is in prime position to scale with it.

But timing is everything. No matter how great this investment might be, we must WAIT for DISRUPT to give us its “Buy” signal.

And that’s one reason, I encourage you to consider trying DISRUPT right now. And not just for the short-term excitement and potential windfalls, but for the long-term financial future of your family.

Remember, I am only making DISRUPT available through my trading service, Tech Trend Trader.

When you sign up for Tech Trend Trader, you’ll benefit from my entire system, including:

To get started, simply click here. And don’t delay. This offer will end just a few days from now.

You cannot get this proprietary intelligence anywhere else. But if you act right away, you can get access for less than a daily cup of coffee.

My goal is to get folks into the strategy NOW … before the $12.3 trillion 5G explosion really kicks off.

But I must limit membership, because some of these companies are small. And we don’t want to lose our competitive advantage by bidding against each other. Nor do we want to move stock prices. So if you want in, you need to respond now.

To learn more, simply click here. Then follow the instructions to claim your seat at our table before the doors close for good.

What You’ll Get When You Join Me Today

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #1 — Easy-to-Follow DISRUPT Trade Alerts

Whenever DISRUPT issues a new “Buy” or “Sell” signal, I’ll notify you immediately via email. You’ll receive several new recommendations every month. You don’t have to know a thing about tech to profit from the alerts, either. Simply follow my plain-English recommendations.


I’ve given you a sneak peek at our portfolio of individual DISRUPT stocks already … with its current 93% win rate! When you join me, you’ll get access to the entire portfolio … instantly. We currently have more than 10 recommendations you could consider right away! As you’ve seen, the system has identified 421% on Proto Labs … 821% on ProofPoint … Heck, you could have used it to ride Core Labs to 3,974% too!


If you used Tech Trend Trader for nothing else, you could have followed our ETF recommendations … and already turned $40,000 into $2.2 MILLION. Not bad, right? Keep in mind that we generated those gains through both up and down markets.


This is where I draw on my three decades of experience — along with my contacts at funds and research firms around the world. Every trading day of the year, I’ll give you my up-to-the minute news of the most exciting breakthroughs and innovations these remarkable technology companies are developing.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #5 — Video “Breakthrough Briefings”

When I travel the world, I often come across amazing and urgent opportunities. When that happens, I’ll often send you a secure link to access this urgent intelligence, which I’ll deliver via video.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT #6 — Member’s Only Concierge Service

Whenever you have a question about the service or one of our positions … we’re there for you. I’ve set up a 24-hour portal on our members-only website where you can contact the team with ANY questions you have. We cannot offer personalized investment advice. But we CAN answer your questions about the recommendations you get in Tech Trend Trader.

It’s my sincere hope you’ll join me in going for life-changing gains:

If you’re ready to get started, click here. But remember: This offer ends in just a few days.

Or if you have a question about making money with DISRUPT, let me try to answer it for you now. For example …

“DISRUPT sounds complicated and technical.
I just want the picks and profits.
Can I still use your system?”

Absolutely! We let DISRUPT do the work for us. My team and I then vet every recommendation and select only the very best ones. In addition, we follow up on every recommendation, so you know when to buy AND sell.

“How much money could I make over time?”

We cannot guarantee performance. But you’ve seen how the system could have already helped you pocket gains like 248% on Nvidia … 801% on Proofpoint … 1,147% on Perrigo … 2,193% on F5 Networks … and 3,974% on Core Labs. You’ve also seen the short-term ETF portfolio could have turned $40,000 into $2.1 million. I think I’ll just leave it at that.

“I’m afraid markets are headed lower.
Why get into this now?”

DISRUPT is designed to kick out steady gains, even in down markets. When the market heads south, we simply move to cash … and kick our all-weather ETF portfolio into high gear. Remember, our current portfolio has a 93% win rate.

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I look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Jon Markman